About us

Act 4:

We are a registered charity that has been sharing our passion to equip children with the knowledge and skills to make a difference through innovative educational programmes since 2004. Working mainly with children aged 5-11 years, in schools and other community venues. Act 4 has had the privilege to work with over 60,000 children accross the country.
We are currently operating two local teams out of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire and Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. With the support of local churches we are seeking to share a practical, value based message that really makes a difference to children’s everyday lives.

The Team:

Small but dedicated.

The office team:

Dr Sam Frankel - Director: Founding Act 4 reflects Sam's passion to search for the very best outcomes for children. Many years experience of working with children in a variety of settings from criminal justice, to the family, to schools and churches, shows an ongoing determination to ensure that all children recognise their potential and are best equipped to make their way through the complex social world around them. Sam also runs a consultancy that allows him to engage with academic research, writing and teaching and also to find ways to put theories into practice through a range of educational programmes. Sam is an honourary fellow at the University of Sheffield and was a visiting fellow at the University of Central Lancashire. He is currently a Visiting Professor of Childhood at Kings University College, University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Nikki Edwards - Time to Act Project Manager: Nikki is in charge of training and supervising the volunteers, delivering Act 4 programmes and the development of programmes. She volunteered with Act 4 in 2012 and was involved in delivering assemblies. Nikki is a trained secondary school teacher and youth worker.

Sam Smith - Administrator: Sam is in charge of managing all of Act 4's bookings and databases. She supports the team in the delivery of their programmes, and provides administrative support to the Trustees, Director and Time to Act Project Manager. Sam started working for Act 4 in 2014, before this she worked for a precision engineering company as a Production Controller.

Potters Bar Full Time Volunteers: Anna Seikel and Rabea Firincieli are this year's Potters Bar based team. As well as delivering a full assembly programme in over 20 schools they are also involved in supporting children's work in local churches through Act 4's 'Time to Act' scheme. A range of skills and amazing dedication has seen Anna and Rabea have a massive impact.

Aylesbury Full Time Volunteers: Beatrice Benedek and Pauline Spahr are this year's Aylesbury based team! They are working very closely with the Church on Fairford Leys, running youth clubs, helping with church services, and school groups. They are also building up a number of schools in which to deliver the Act 4 assembly programme, through the 'Time to Act' scheme. Their hard work and enthusiasm has already seen a real impact.

The trustees:

Terry Over - Chair of Trustees: Works as a Senior Quantity Surveyor in the construction industry. He has a range of previous experience of children's work both with churches and charities. Terry is a board member of Moggerhanger Park Limited. Terry's involvement has included some amazing fundraising challenges, including cycling from the bottom to the top of Britian and then (on another occassion) back down!
Louis Spring - Trustee: Joined Act 4 in 2009. He is a licensed minister in the Church of England and a university lecturer of Information Management. He works freelance as a visiting lecturer to African educational instituties. He is a school governor. Louis is married to Renee and they have two daughters. "I have always been a supporter of Act 4 and am truly honoured to be a trustee".
Steve Redgers - Trustee: Steve joined Act 4 in March 2012, having been a supporter for Act 4 for a number of years. Steve worships at Potters Bar Evangelical Free Church and is a leader of the children's club. Steve is married to Sarah and they have one daughter. Steve hopes that the experience he has gained in his working life will be put to good use in taking forward the work of Act 4.
Bernard Gorry - Trustee: January 2014 Bernie agreed to become a trustee. Bernie brings a vast wealth of professional experience in business to the work of Act 4 and will be an exciting additon to the team.


The creative support team:

Lea and Joe Beasley: Lea and Joe met as volunteers with Act 4 in 2009. Now married and living in America, Lea and Joe remain involved in a number of ways. Lea continues to take a lead in developing Act 4's video materials and Joe has been active in finding ways to launch Act 4 ideas within the education system in the US.
Linnea Kempe: Currently a student of music technology at Kingston University, Linnea brings her skill as a fantastic musician to the work of Act 4.



Since becoming Act 4 in 2004, the charity has driven a

Vision: to 'equip as many children as possible with the knowledge and skills to make a positive difference to the world around them'.

Mission: To provide high quality and effective educational programmes that engage children with the importance of being socially responsible, through laying a foundation based on Christian values.

Ethos: To share the relevance of Christian values in an innovative, professional and fun way.